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The Golden Age of Children’s TV, the 90’s.

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Italy + Water  x

James Garner at Disneyland, 1950s.

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Where we’re from, the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air.

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The Princess Bride (1987)

Has it got any sports in it?
Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…
Doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll try to stay awake.


Favourite Classic Films (in no particular order)
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947), dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz

You can be much more alone with other people than you are by yourself, even if it’s people you love.

Mini Disney Movie Challenge:

Jacob | Day 1 | Pick A Movie: The Fox and the Hound
(And Happy 33rd Anniversary to The Fox and the Hound. Released July 10th, 1981!)


80’s MOVIE WEEK  -  Ghostbusters (1984)

Ray:  You know, it just occurred to me that we really haven’t had a successful test of this equipment.
Egon:  I blame myself.
Peter:  So do I.


But never doubt I love.

Hamlet// William Shakespeare

Glenn Ford in Mr. Soft Touch, 1949.
Glenn Ford in Mr. Soft Touch, 1949.

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There are some fish that cannot be caught. It’s not that they are faster or stronger than other fish, they’re just touched by something extra.

big fish (2003), directed by tim burton

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well, put some skates on. be your own hero. 

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The world is being run by people my age, men my age, with falling-out hair and health worries, and it frightens me. When the leaders were older than me I could believe in their wisdom, I could believe they had trascended rage and malice and the need to be loved. Now I know better. I look at the faces in newspapers, in magazines, and wonder: what greeds, what furies drive them on?

from Cat’s Eye, by Margaret Atwood (via ifveniceissinking)

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Obviously, he [Montgomery Clift]  was an amazing artist, but it does baffle me that so few people that I speak to even know who he is. You have to list off three or four credits before eventually you get to one, they go, ‘Oh, yeah, that guy.’ I think there’s something to that. I think that’s the kind of biopic you want to make, as an actor, in a way, because if you play someone where people have too many preconceived notions about someone, then it’s a lot of pressure. If it’s not going to really pay homage to Monty, and be a project that he would appreciate, then I don’t want to do it at all. - Matt Bomer [X]

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